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  • 火星基地紙屋 Cardboard Mars Base Playhouse
  • 火星基地紙屋 Cardboard Mars Base Playhouse
  • 火星基地紙屋 Cardboard Mars Base Playhouse

火星基地紙屋 Cardboard Mars Base Playhouse


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Product details

  • PNO#13088
  • 成形尺寸: 111cm x 111cm x H119cm(高);
  • 整間紙屋由31片部件組合而成;
  • 參考了真正的太空站維生系統及正在研究開發中的火星維生裝置構想出來的火星基地;
  • 透過組裝各站份的設備,小朋友會認識到人類探索太空所面對的各種困難;


Learn through playing

Children can learn the knowledge about "Life Support System" in the space station or on other planet.

This paper mars base is an ideal gift for children. Most suitable for children aged 3 or older to play. 

The mars base's internal space is large enough to accommodate a 3-6 year old child. Its surface is printed with beautiful images that allow children to color themselves and create their very own mars base. The whole cardboard mars base is made up of 31 pieces. Very easy to assemble.

火星基地上的所有設備一應俱全,缺一不可。 你須要將它們分別安裝到正確的位置,才可以正常運作。

All the equipment on the Mars base is readily available, and none is indispensable. You need to install them to the correct positions respectively to be able to operate normally.


基地頂部設有超級攝影機及不同頻段的發射和接收器。 讓你可以隨時監察外界環境及天氣的同時,除了可以指示外面的智能機械人進行工作,亦可透過軌道上的中介衛星與地球進行溝通。

There are a super camera and transmitters and receivers of different frequency bands on the top of the base allowing you to monitor the external environment and weather at any time. You can order the smart robots outside to work, you can also communicate with the earth through intermediary satellites in orbit.



All equipment can be monitored and operated within the base.



You are on Mars. Before going out, you may have to learn how to open the airlock.




FPF 為香港品牌,專門開發、設計及生產原創紙品

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