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  • FPF-DIY-紙模型-迷你-機械人-Mini Robox-Adam

紙製DIY可活動機械人 Robox Adam Automata Cardboard Robot


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 可活動紙模型 Automata Cardboard Model

  • 全身由34個互鎖裝置組裝而成; 無需膠水。 它具有23個活動關節,沒有軸承,卻可以做出多種不同的姿勢。
  • 優質純白色紙面易於上色及貼上裝飾材料,讓小朋友設計出自己的機器人,增強孩子的創造力;
  • 逐步按照指導組裝,培養孩子的耐心,理解能力;
  • STEM;
  • 環保,100%由再生紙製成;
  • FPF出品; 




孩子只需要掌握一些基本的組裝原則即可自己完成整個組裝。 通過逐步按照說明進行組裝,孩子們可以增強他們的理解力,耐心和自信心。 在組裝過程中不需要膠水。

 RoboX採用優質白面瓦楞紙板製成,非常適合繪畫,著色,粘貼或裝飾。 為了最大化創造空間來鼓勵創造力,所以你不會在它身上找到任何印刷線條。


Adam is the first member of the RoboX family of FPF. It is a cardboard DIY humanoid robot with a height of 40 cm. It consists of 34 interlocking assemblies and does not require glue. It has 23 movable joints, enabling it to make different postures.

Children can assemble by themselves according to the instructions of the instruction manual to cultivate patience and understanding.

In addition, the white paper surface of the robot is very suitable for painting, coloring and attaching stickers or decorations, allowing children to develop their creativity.

Children only need to master some basic assembly principles to complete the entire assembly by themselves. By following the instructions step by step to assemble, children can enhance their understanding, patience and self-confidence. No glue is needed during the assembly process.

RoboX is made of high-quality white-faced corrugated cardboard, which is very suitable for painting, coloring, pasting or decoration. In order to maximize the creation of space to encourage creativity, so you will not find any printed lines on it.


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