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Bicycle Box Pack 單車紙箱套裝

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紙箱紙料: 雙坑紙(BC坑) x 1個 | 淨重 3.3公斤
中層分格: 單坑紙(B坑) x 2塊 | 淨重 430克
加厚側板(BC坑) x 2塊 | 淨重 250
適用: 單車 | 大型平面電視

紙箱紙料: 雙坑紙(BC坑) x 1個 | 淨重 3.8公斤
中層分格: 單坑紙(B坑) x 2塊 | 淨重 450克
加厚側板(BC坑) x 2塊 | 淨重 280
適用: 單車(大型Mountain Bike | 大型平面電視)
近年興起既單車熱潮, 愈來愈多人打呢問我地XOBOX有冇得訂造單車紙箱, 用呢裝佢地心愛既戰車, 怕擺倉會整花, 甚至係用呢出國"環島遊", 交談之中發現原來係香港要搵一個合適裝得到單車咁大既紙箱真係幾頭痛, 好多時要周圍去搵單車店買二手既單車紙箱呢用, 有時就連二手都冇貨, 真係有錢都買唔到, 真係冇晒辨法又再想辨法, 終於無奈地將5,6個大大小小既紙箱併併合合整一大餐咁整個DIY單車紙箱, 但到步開箱先發現紙箱爛左單車撞壞左, 又要周圍搵鋪頭整!@#$!^&*
有見及此我地XOBOX團隊決意出一分力, 推出採用左特強紙芯K=A單車紙箱套裝(連內卡紙板分格), 比各位愛好單車既朋友另一個選擇, 另一個方便. 定價都只係$150, 常備現貨! 歡迎自取/送貨. 更可提供GOGOVAN約車.約司機.上車服務, 幫你送貨純熟迅速送出.




荃灣、葵涌、青衣區 --- 運費HKD$120、滿HKD$900免費送貨。

新界區 / 九龍區  --- 運費HKD$200、滿HKD$1200免費送貨。

香港島區 --- 運費HKD$250、滿HKD$1500免費送貨。

東涌, 赤鱲角 ---  運費 HKD$250





地址: 荃灣海盛路9號有線大樓2301室

星期一至五: 9:00am-12:30pm | 2:00pm-7:30pm

星期六至日: 9:00am-3:30pm (如需其他時間取貨請先預約)


After receiving an order, we will arrange ship within four working days. Customers can also choose to ship GOGOVAN same day delivery or come to pick up. 


pick up period
Mon-Fri: 9:00am-7:30pm (Please make an appointment for pick-up at other times)

Sat: 9:00am-3:30pm (Please make an appointment for pick-up at other times)

You can also send courier to pick up the order. We can provide customers with the total weight and volume of the received goods if needed.
Please let's us know before you come to pick up, we will prepare your order for you.
Pick-up Address: 2301, 9 Hoi Shing Road.
Parking and Pickup: There is a hourly car park in the cable TV building, 1st floor parking - 5.5-15 tons vehicles and vans, 2nd floor -  5.5 ton vehicles, vans or private cars.

 GOGOVAN same-day delivery service (ground delivery) 
Please select Click "GoGoVan (Ground Delivery)" when placing an order. Delivery service is available to all districts in Hong Kong (excluding outlying islands).
GOGOVAN Delivery Hours
Mon-Fri: 10am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 6:30pm-7:30pm (Please make an appointment for pick-up at other times)

Sat: 10am-3:30pm (Please make an appointment for pick-up at other times)

GOGOVAN orders will be launched from "Tsuen Wan
The GOGOVAN option will be available once the 'Region' of your shipping address is filled.
It is recommended to inform the GOGOVAN driver a location where his/her vehicle can be parked for a short time.
GOGOVAN delivery will only be shipped on ground at roadside. If you need to deliver door to door, you would have to pay an additional charges to the driver, normally it will be around $300~$600 on top, depending the weight and volume.
If you need "door to door delivery", you may choose "XOBOX local freight", which usually take within four working days.
*Please leave your WhatsApp/mobile phone number in order for us to arrange the delivery.

(If you need to schedule GOGOVAN during peak or holiday periods, there may be an additional delivery fee of approximately $15 to $30.)

 Local Delivery ( Door to Door ) 
Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung, Tsing Yi District --- HKD$120, free shipping over HKD$900.
New Territories/Kowloon District --- HKD$200, free shipping over HKD$1200.
Hong Kong Island --- HKD$250, free shipping over HKD$1500.
Tung Chung, Chek Lap Kok --- HKD$250.
We provide delivery service to residential/industrial buildings in various districts of Hong Kong (excluding outlying islands)
XOBOX local freight service is a door-to-door delivery service.
If there are the stairs to go for to the delivery site, please inform that to our customer service 24161887 in advance. There is an extra service charge as a stair removal fee, which is up to a maximum of four floors (*13 steps in each section are one floor). If necessary, we will contact the customer and change the delivery point to the ground / road aside in stead.
If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English content in the website (including all privacy policies and terms of use), the Chinese version shall prevail.

Order Amount below $800 $801-$1,600 $1,601-$2,400 $2,401-$3,200
Cost / Floor level $50 $100 $150 $200
Order Amount over $3,200 or above will be quoted specifically**The above prices will be charged and collected from our delivery team appointed by XOBOX, a receipt will be provided separately.


可自訂設計尺寸, 印色訂造


Bicycle Box Pack 單車紙箱套裝
Bicycle Box Pack 單車紙箱套裝