Custom Order Process

The process and pricing for ordering custom packaging boxes are as follows:

  1. Initial quotation Provide information about the desired box, including type, size, color, printing requirements, and we will provide an initial quotation. If the price is acceptable, we can arrange for detailed communication regarding production and understand the customer's requirements.
  2. Design confirmation and quotation After the customer confirms the order, a deposit or drawing fee is required. We will create a design plan (cutting plane diagram) for the box according to the customer's requirements, and make modifications, select colors, etc. Once the design is confirmed, we will arrange for production and have our colleagues in the factory manufacture the box.
  3. Production and delivery The production period generally takes about 1-2 weeks. After the box is completed, we will notify the customer and arrange for delivery.

Pricing and quotation:

  • Size: Generally, the price will be determined by the size of the box.
  • Material: There are various materials to choose from when making boxes, and the material not only affects the price but also directly affects the quality and durability of the finished product. The materials to consider when ordering custom boxes mainly include paper material, thickness, etc.
  • Quantity: Generally, the more boxes ordered, the cheaper the unit price, because a bulk discount can be enjoyed.