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瓦楞紙是我們現代交易中不可或缺的重要包材自開發以來一直被國際企業、製造商、物流公司大量的採用。瓦楞紙比木箱與塑料質輕, 容易剪裁能透過不同摺合結構設計、紙料對應產品包裝及保護需要。而且瓦楞紙具高達100%回收率更為公認的國際環保包材我們將持續發展設計出減輕地球環境負擔的優良環保產品利用瓦楞紙制成環保的包裝與傢俱用品。

We offer a variety of sizes and styles of paper boxes to meet your different needs. You can conveniently order through our online shop, choose the desired paper boxes, select the quantity you want, and place an order directly. We will ship your order as soon as possible.

Our paper boxes are not only affordable, but also of high quality and can withstand weight and pressure. In addition, we also offer customized printing services to make your paper boxes more personalized and brand-effective. Please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you!

GLPOP - 廣利紙品有限公司是一家集紙箱、彩印、(紙、中纖闆)陳列架、展示櫃、紙品玩具于一體的(港資)企業

GLPOP - is an integrated Hong Kong funded enterprise of carton boxes, displays (paper, medium density fiberboard), packaging and paper toys.

Unidisplays專營網上零售展架及陳列品及家居擺設物品, 更可為客人提供小量訂購服務, 送至各國. 網站更提供3百多款陳列架紙架, 文方便客人可觀覧各款及查詢價目


Unidisplays.com is part of Guang Li Paper Products Limited focus on providing stocks display unit, as for you to be able to purchase a very small amount of display for exhibitions, period of promotion, showcase events, etc. As an online store, we offer complete fulfillment services, product packaging and assembly guide with your displays and shipping to individual locations to you. After making an order from us even just on your phone, then you can just sit and relax~!

GLMDF - 提供專業設計和生產中纖板展示架

GLMDF - provide professional design and production of Medium Density Fiberboard shelf and display.


FPF - 為GuangLi自家設計並生產的創意紙品及家俱系列, 主要售予兒童玩具市場

FPF is an OEM product line which design and produce quality instructive paper products mainly for kids and family.