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  • 紙製冰屋 Cardboard Igloo Playhouse
  • 紙製冰屋 Cardboard Igloo Playhouse

紙製冰屋 Cardboard Igloo Playhouse


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My Igloo

  • 以冰屋為主題而設計的紙製玩具屋;
  • 屋上除了冰冷的冰磚外,週圍還有一些在極地上生活的動物;
  • 黑白線條圖案,大小朋友都可以一起著色,為冰屋添上色彩;
  • 走進冰屋,感受極地的星夜;
  • 適合3歲或以上兒童;


  • This cardboard playhouse designed with the theme of an igloo;
  • In addition to the cold ice blocks on the house, there are also some animals living in the polar regions are around the igloo;
  • Black and white outlines, parents and kids can color together to add color to the plain playhouse;
  • Get inside the igloo and feel the starry night in the polar regions;
  • Suitable for children aged 3 or above;


Suitable Age 3+
Assembled Size W100.0 x D110.0 x H86.0 cm
Shipping Size W61.3 x D7.0 x H56.9 cm
Shipping Weight 3.00 kgs.


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